Pollen Lance for Cambrian Sprayer CSP15 1.5L

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Pollen Lance: Cambrian CSP Sprayer

A finer spray nozzle allows discrete spot spraying of individual flowers
whilst still enabling larger clumps to be treated by holding the trigger open.
Precision engineering of the nozzle system delivers even droplets, using a low
pollen rate allowing you to achieve excellent results in all weather conditions.

Features and Benefits of the Cambrian CSP 15 Sprayer

Over many years the Cambrian Pressure Teat Sprayer has proven itself to be a tough & reliable sprayer in the battle to control mastitis in your dairy herd. The extended lance and adjustable spray nozzle ensure that whatever teat spray you use, our teat sprayer will ensure good spray coverage to lessen the risk of infection.

Built from quality materials such as stainless steel and robust plastic, you can be assured that our sprayer will be working for you for a long time.  

  • Capacity 1.5 litres

  • Tough and reliable

  • Stainless steel lance and nozzle

  • Arthritis friendly design

  • Ergonomically designed for single-handed trigger operation

  • Precise trigger control 

  • Fully adjustable spray nozzle

  • Graduated fluid level

  • Robust construction

Available exclusively from your local RD1 Farm Source store