Listening & Learning From Our Customers

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Listening & Learning From Our Customers

With over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we are aware of the importance of listening to our consumers to design products that are to their requirements, last the test of time and are affordable against others in the market. Our popular Cambrian Teat Sprayer (CSP15) is an excellent example of our ethos drive to listen to our consumers so we can develop products to exceed their expectations. 

The original CSP15 sprayer had been in the Cambrian product range for over 40 years. In that time, it didn't change much. Consumer feedback was positive, so why should it change? However, in 2017 we noticed that sales of this popular model had dwindled and that led to us asking why? So, we turned to our loyal customer to find some answers. Through surveys and discussion with key customers the results concluded that although the CSP15 was a trusted model and had a proven history of quality, it was now sitting at the high end of the market in regards to price against the competition. This in conjunction with the changes in technology used in the modern dairy industry heavily impacted the CSP15.  

Armed with the knowledge that we gained from our consumers, we sought to find a solution which would match the quality of the CSP15 and all other Cambrian products that were more competitively priced. Our product development team began researching & testing alternative components. In doing so, they found an alternative lower-cost bottle which was manufactured overseas and knowing our expertise was in the design of the nozzle, we modified the CSP15 nozzle to fit the new bottle. This led to the launch of our revised product, the CSP16. 

However, despite our extensive in-house research & product testing, the CSP16 didn't stand up to the needs of our consumers. It was back to the drawing board for the product team. Again, we sought the insight of our customers to find out where the CSP16 fell short, and we concluded that the new bottle didn't stack up to our previous model and quality. 

With a revised plan of action, our goal was now to bring back the original CSP15 into the Cambrian range and to reinstate our consumer's confidence in our products. This was achievable by securing a sole supply agreement with a New Zealand based customer, giving us the ability to increase our manufacturing & benefit from economy of scale. We also streamlined & revised our suppliers who contribute to the 30 plus component parts of the CSP15.  The majority of component suppliers are New Zealand based companies who all have an in-depth understanding of how Kiwi's use our products. This gives both ourselves and our customers the reassurance that it is built to New Zealand standards.  

The process our team went through to revise the CSP15 was a positive one for both ourselves and our customers. Through product development closely linked to our consumer's feedback, we were able to produce a product which meets our quality standards and provides our consumers with confidence that they have purchased an outstanding product that is up to the task. 

Bloore & Piller would like this opportunity to thank our loyal customer base who helped us throughout the development of the CSP15 which is now available to buy at RD1 Farmsource store.